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Travel insurance that covers what really matters.


We cover what really matters, because at the end of the day things can be replaced but your children and family can’t — and neither can you.

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What you get with Holiday Rescue.

Unlimited medical cover

Unlimited medical cover

If you’re unexpectedly sick or injured while overseas on holiday, we’ll take care of things like your medical bills, or bringing you back home safely for treatment or recovery. If you’re on your own with the kids, we’ll even fly a friend or family member over to look after them.

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Sick overseas? We’ve got you.

Sick overseas? We’ve got you.

Just call our emergency line. We’ll give you medical advice, arrange a video consultation with a doctor, or advise what to do and where to go if it’s more serious. Get trusted help without having to leave your hotel room.

What if I have an emergency?
Express claims service

Express claims service

All claims go through our express service. You can submit your claim online through our easy step by step process, and upload your documents at the same time. We aim to respond within 2 business days to let you know if we need further information, or with our decision on your claim.

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Families & friends can go on one policy.
Money back guarantee.
Cover for conditions you already have.