Will you cover me for a one-way ticket?


However, to buy a policy you have to enter the dates you leave and expect to get home. You should also keep in mind that the maximum length of holiday we can cover you for under our policies is 365 days, and any extensions must be made before the end date on your policy.

Will you cover me if I’m going on a one way trip?

No.  You must intend to return to New Zealand to be eligible to buy a Holiday Rescue travel insurance policy.

What’s the difference between a ‘one-way ticket’ and a ‘one-way trip’?

A one-way ticket just means you haven’t yet bought your return ticket to New Zealand Maybe you’re not sure of your itinerary as you travel, or are on an ‘open’ ticket. But you definitely intend to return to New Zealand. In contrast, a ‘one-way trip’ implies no intention to return to New Zealand, in which case you are not eligible to buy the policy.


Q. Can I extend my cover?

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