First-rate medical evacuation & rescue


We know who will bring you home.

We know the people that are going to bring you home because we have pre-selected the best providers with the ‘best of the best’ international aviation medicine credentials, hand-picked for their high-standards of care, integrity and latest equipment. In all cases, retrievals are overseen by a Medical Director who specialises in intensive care medicine and has extensive experience in air retrieval.

How is that different?

Other insurance companies spend hours getting two or three quotes when you need to be brought home. In most circumstances the job is awarded to the “best quote” – aka the cheapest. While standard within the travel insurance industry, that approach feels wrong to us. When you’re critically injured in an accident, every minute counts – and the quality of care and advice is vital. So we don’t waste precious moments negotiating how we can cut costs. Because we are ready to go, and our partners have been following the case from inception (not just when the quoting process begins), we can often reduce delays by 1-3 days.

Meet one of our rescue partners:
New Zealand Air Ambulance Service

NZAAS medical and evacuation teams pictured with their fleet of jets and helicopters.

The New Zealand Air Ambulance Service and Skyline Aviation Crews.

Covering destinations throughout Asia, the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, the New Zealand Air Ambulance Service (NZAAS) and Skyline Aviation have an outstanding reputation amongst international air ambulance services. Their flight missions over the past 30 years have seen them treat and care for over 35,000 patients so far.

Remarkably, they remain a family owned business, with clear objectives to maintain exceptionally high standards and to support the best possible outcome for every patient.

NZAAS specialises in medical evacuation.

NZAAS specialises in medical evacuation (including repatriation to New Zealand), inter-hospital transfers and global commercial medical escort services. Which means they also have direct relationships with ambulance providers, hospitals, foreign consulates and customs to assist with emergency medical visas and medical clearances. This helps to ensure our customers are rescued swiftly without any hassles or delays, and the transfer is ‘bed-to-bed.’

Air ambulances.

NZAAS and Skyline Aviation own, operate and maintain a fleet of King Air and Jet Air ambulances, which are all certified for aeromedical operations with specialist state-of-the-art medical equipment. They have dedicated jet air ambulances for international missions, as they’re the best option when you need time critical intensive care capabilities for urgent access to the level of medical care you require.

NZAAS is exceptionally well-suited for emergency repatriations out of the South Pacific island region; they know the clinical capability of many island-based hospitals, and they know the staff that work there. This insider knowledge helps determine whether your return to New Zealand can wait for the next available commercial flight, or if an air ambulance is needed, now!

NZAAS international air ambulance missions are always crewed with an aeromedical trained flight nurse and an experienced intensive care doctor with a thorough understanding of flight physiology. Their jet pilots go through extensive training before they fly for the NZAAS, and regular repeat training in the USA so their skills and expertise are well-maintained.

Medical escort services.

If you’re able to travel on a commercial flight, the NZAAS provide an exceptional global medical escort service, either on a stretcher (in the back of the plane, usually separated from other passengers by a curtain), or seated in business class. Whether you need an experienced lead nurse, or a specialist medical team, they will take care of providing all the medical equipment, any medications in flight, and arranging medical clearance from the airline as well as ground transfers by ambulance.

Why we choose to partner with NZAAS.

We’ve seen their work first-hand. They’ve received exceptional feedback from patients who’ve needed their help. We know they hold themselves to the highest standards and we respect that. We (the Holiday Rescue team) literally trust the NZAAS with our lives and our family’s lives, so we trust them to do the best for you and your loved ones if you ever need them.

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