What if I’m not happy?


If you’re not happy, we’d like to hear about it – whether it’s a complaint about our service, or a claim.

We're here to make this work.

Perhaps we missed something or didn’t deliver to the standard you’d expect? We think it’s perfectly reasonable for you to make a complaint. We’d love the chance to make amends if possible, and if we know where we’ve fallen short, we can make corrections to improve our service.

Sometimes the result of a claim doesn’t turn out how you expect, but fear not! You’re just a few steps away from submitting an appeal so we can take another look at your claim.

If your claim is declined, we email you the reason why, with an invitation to appeal the decision if you don’t agree. This means that you have the opportunity to provide additional information to support your claim. And with new evidence, we may make a different decision.