Yellow vest protests, France - December 2018

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How the Yellow Vest protests affect your holiday insurance cover.

Posted: 8th December, 2018

Updated: 11th December, 2018

If you’re currently overseas and you departed New Zealand before 17 November 2018…

…you have cover:

  • To make changes to your holiday if your pre-paid arrangements are affected by the Yellow Vest protests and you can no longer continue with your holiday as originally planned. Please get in touch with the companies you booked your holiday through to seek refunds or credits for any arrangements that you’re unable to use.
  • For emergency medical treatment if you’re overseas and have been injured or hurt – provided you took reasonable steps to protect yourself and didn’t put yourself in unsafe circumstances. Please call our emergency assistance team on +64 9 890 9726 so we can ensure you get suitable medical care.

If you’re currently overseas and departed New Zealand on or after 17 November 2018, or you haven’t departed New Zealand yet…

…there is no cover for anything arising from or related to the Yellow Vest protests.

We don’t cover anything arising from or related to, riot or civil protest if:

  • You haven’t left New Zealand yet; or
  • You left New Zealand after it commenced; or
  • it was reported in the media, before you left New Zealand.

As the Yellow Vest protestors have been demonstrating since 17th November 2018, and it has been widely reported in the media, we would not consider it to be unexpected if you or your holiday are affected by the Yellow Vest protests.

Any questions?

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How do I make a claim?

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What if things change?

We are keeping an eye on this situation, and will update this advice if there are any changes.

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