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2 November 2018 The travel insurance industry

What does travel insurance cover?

Overseas travel policies generally include several types of travel insurance cover – the most important of which is medical and emergency evacuation cover. While rare, and you may think that “it never happens to me!”,…

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24 October 2018 Current events and scams

Unnecessary surgery scams.

In a foreign country? Don’t call the hotel doctor – call us first!

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17 October 2018 Travel experiences

Dark tourism – will travel insurance cover it?

Dark Tourist, hosted by Kiwi journalist David Farrier, has created quite a stir following its recent release on Netflix.

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28 September 2018 Current events and scams

Why we don’t sell policies to Mexico and other countries in Latin America.

Because there’s not much we, or anyone really, can do if you’re pinned down by random gunfire, or shot when caught in a crossfire. Too sensational? Let me explain.

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26 September 2018 The travel insurance industry

At least read this…

On my recent RadioLive conversation, near the end one caller said words to the effect of:  “my recently-bought Travel Insurance policy wording is 58 pages long”. Another caller’s was 62 pages long.

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17 September 2018 Travel experiences

7 reasons why Singapore’s Changi Airport is the best in the world

Imagine how you feel after a 14 hour flight, drowsy, dehydrated and stiff from sitting in that unforgiving seat. Barely able to focus, you slowly shuffle off the plane to discover that your transit flight…

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18 August 2018 News

Holiday Rescue clears the air

Soon after we launched, we were invited to share some information about who we are, and what our mission is for travel insurance in New Zealand on a number of platforms.

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1 July 2018 The travel insurance industry

International Travel Insurance Conference APAC 2018

We have just attended the International Travel Insurance Conference APAC 2018 in Sydney. This annual APAC conference provides us the opportunity to meet an amazing array of emergency assistance companies from all over the world,…

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